If you love the look of solid wood floors but need more affordable flooring, then we would recommend you look at an engineered wood floor.

You can create a very individual look using an engineered wood floor as this flooring is available in many different colours and looks.

You could choose a very modern look for your house or a more antique look based on the finish of the floor. Engineered wood floors can look absolutely stunning in a home giving a luxurious feel to a room.

Please contact us to find out how we could help you with your new floor.

This flooring consists of multiple layers of timber making it more stable than solid wood. Engineered wood flooring is moisture and temperature resistant so it can be used in most rooms in the home including kitchens and bathrooms.

It is suitable for high traffic areas and is easy to clean and maintain. Many people opt for this in hallways, living rooms and also home offices. It is a good choice if carpets cannot be used due to allergies.

Due to the number of different options available for engineered wood floors, we are happy to recommend products to you during our site visit and answer any questions you may have about this type of flooring.