Renovations & Restoration

Are you undertaking a restoration project or renovating premises? If you have a floor which needs some work then Signature Me can help.

New solid wood floors look absolutely stunning when they have been installed professionally. These floors have a real impact on a room giving a fantastic first impression. However, wood floors need regular maintenance to ensure they stay looking as good as when they are first installed.

Wood floors should be cleaned carefully to avoid any scratches or markings. If floor coverings are used then these should be moved regularly to ensure the floor ages evenly and curtains should be used to protect the floor from sun damage and fading. A wood floor will need regular polishing to ensure it remains looking its’ very best.

However, over time wood floors can become damaged, scratched or warped. If this is the case then Signature Me can help restore the floor as we have extensive experience of dealing with wood floors and our team of experts are trained in carpentry skills. We can replace planks, remove gaps and sand floors. Our team can re-stain wood floors and varnish them to restore them to their original glory.

Please do not feel your wood floor needs to be replaced if it is old, water damaged, marked or has warped. Call Signature Me and we will arrange a free site visit to establish if the floor can be restored and advise how it could look stunning once more.

It’s not just wood floors which we can renovate and restore, we can assist with other types of flooring as well. If you have luxury vinyl tiles that are no longer looking their best or carpet tiles which could do with some work, please contact us to book a free site visit so we can help you get your floor looking it’s best again.