Domestic Vinyl

If you are looking for new bathroom or kitchen floors then vinyl gives you a wide choice of finishes, colours and patterns. Vinyl is also available in textured finishes if you are looking for a unique statement look for your room.

Vinyl is very durable and hard wearing. It’s water resistant so will not crack or wrap if exposed to moisture. This makes it a good option for bathrooms and wet rooms as well as kitchens and utility rooms. It can also be used in rooms where carpet is perhaps not an option due to allergies.

Many people will choose vinyl for their hallways as it is a good choice for high traffic areas in the home that need frequent cleaning, particularly with children or pets in the house. Vinyl is very easy to clean and requires little maintenance. It is also cheaper than luxury vinyl tiles but is available in similar colours and pattern options if budget is a consideration.

If you are considering a vinyl floor, please contact us to arrange a free site visit and assessment. We will bring samples with us so you can try them out in the area you are having covered.