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Fibre Reinforced Moisture Tolerant Levelling and Smoothing Compound

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Two part levelling and smoothing compound with excellent flow and application properties. It’s moisture tolerant and suitable for use under a DPM. For levelling and smoothing internal subfloors such as concrete, cement/sand screeds, bitumen, adhesive residues and ceramic tiles. ARDITEX CL PLUS+ is fibre reinforced for extra strength and flexibility.


Apply direct to most substrates without priming, including old adhesive residues and bitumen, ARDEX Damp Proof Membranes and ceramic tiles
Unaffected by moisture and can be used direct to damp concrete
Walk on after 2 hours and install floorcoverings in as little as 8 hours
Can be used on heated screeds
Unit Size Available: 20kg Powder & 4.8kg Latex

Coverage: Approximately 4m2 at 3mm thick per unit.