Gekko G26 High-Tack DCM-Free Carpet Spray Adhesive 500ml


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High Tack Premium Carpet Spray Adheisve with good working time and coverage, DCM-Free, non-chlorinated, low odour, 500ml can



For single-soded applications, up to 6sqm coverage per can

• Dichloromethane Free Non-Chlorinated Formulation.
• Tacky Film.
• Low Odour.
• 50% More Coverage than a standard carpet spray


Flash-off time of 1 minute and tack time of 30 minute, for flexible working

Also available as a 22kg Cannister (100-200sqm coverage)

Check out the discount available when buying by the box – 12x 500ml Cans


Wherever the job takes you and your team, the things you need from a carpet adhesive don’t change: performance and safety.

You need a carpet adhesive that lets you work quickly, with no mess, no fuss – and no comebacks from the client.  You also need an adhesive that won’t compromise your health, or require you to wear cumbersome heavy-duty PPE as you kneel on the floor for long periods.

High tack formula

Firstly, it’s got a premium, high-tack formula which means it instantly grabs and holds the carpet, regardless of the flooring substrate.  This makes it supremely easy to complete jobs like stair risers, access ramps and other vertical carpet applications such as acoustics work supremely easy and fast.

50% more coverage

Then there’s the coverage.  Thanks to its unique formulation, the G26 offers an incredible 50% more coverage from a 500ml can, when compared with its nearest rival products – that 6m2 from one little can!

Fast, easy working

As with all our DCM-free products, G26 has been formulated to offer maximum ease and convenience for floor fitters.  There’s that high tack formula of course – but you’ll also benefit from a rapid flash off time of under a minute, and low odour performance that makes using the G26 easy and enjoyable, all day long.  It’s currently supplied in 500ml cans only, making it most suitable for small jobs like stairs and edge bonding.

Compatible with any surface

G26 is compatible with PU underlay, gel backed carpets and felt backed carpets.  It’s suitable for use on virtually any flooring substrate, including wood, latex or cement screeds and plaster board.

Why should I choose a DCM-free flooring adhesive?

Dichloromethane (DCM) is a solvent.  It’s used to keep liquid adhesives in a liquid form so that they can be sprayed or spread onto a surface.  Once the adhesive comes in contact with the air, the solvent evaporates and the adhesive turns to a solid.

Dichloromethane is a very effective solvent, but it also has a number of health drawbacks.  The compounds in dichloromethane affect the human body’s mucous membranes – so that’s the lining of the eye sockets and the lungs, as well as the skin.  Common symptoms include:

  • Sore, itchy or watery eyes
  • Coughing or wheezing
  • Skin rashes

When inhaled, DCM vapour can cause neurological symptoms such as dizziness and headaches.  In laboratory tests performed on rodents, exposure to dichloromethane was shown to increase the risks of cancer, and is linked to incidences of lung cancer in humans.

Dichloromethane is heavier than air, which means that when it evaporates out of the adhesive, it lingers at around 12 inches from floor level for a significant period of time.  Because carpet fitters in particular spend a lot of time kneeling, they are at greater risk of dichloromethane exposure.

Wearing high-grade PPE can protect contractors from the risks of DCM – but wearing a respirator when fitting carpets isn’t the way most people like to work.  Switching to a DCM-free adhesive means you can eliminate the risks, without compromising on performance.

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