Gekko G52 High Performance Contact Spray 22Ltr Canister


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Gekko G52 High Performance Contact Spray for bonding hygenic wall cladding, carpets and more, with excellent coverege – 22Ltr Canister

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22ltr Canister – 200sqm+ Coverage

• CO-REZ Technology™ results in an increase of up to 15% extra surface coverage.
• Ideal for the vertical installation of hygienic wall cladding.
• Fast drying with a long open time.
• Good temperature resistance of up to 115°C.

PLEASE NOTE – Canisters do NOT come with spray gun or hose, these must be purchased seperately.

Suitable for:

  • Interior Wall Cladding
  • Carpet (gel-backed)
  • Carpet (synthetic-backed)
  • Fibre bond carpets
  • Carpet tiles
  • Hardboard

Flash-off time of 1-2 minutes and tack time of 60 minutes, for good flexible working

For single and double-sided installations, clear when dry.

100sqm+ coverage for double-stick applications

200sqm+ coverage for single-side applications




Installing vertical wall cladding? Concerned about finding an adhesive that’s up to the job? Look no further. We’ve combined decades of engineering know-how to develop Gekko G52: a high-performance contact adhesive that has been specially designed to make the vertical installation of hygienic wall cladding easier than ever. Don’t get frustrated with that wall cladding task – get G52!

It’s true: the installation of vertical wall cladding poses a number of challenges. Fortunately, Gekko is making life easier for flooring contractors with a unique formula that leaves out the hassle, helping you get the job done and home faster. Thank us later…

Discover the Bonding Power of Gekko G52

  • CO-REZ Technology: When we say Gekko Flooring Adhesives let you Choose Smarter & Fit Faster, we mean it. We’re proud to equip this high-performance contact adhesive with our innovative CO-REZ Technology, incorporating a highly engineered resin and gas matrix to provide more adhesive and less gas. This means G52 users can enjoy an increase of up to 15% extra coverage per unit coupled with a 2-3 kilogram decrease in weight per canister system!
  • Vertical Installation: Some jobs can be tricky. The vertical installation of hygienic wall cladding is one of these jobs. However, G52 has been acutely engineered for this purpose exactly. Forget returning to the job to refix and reposition – G52 offers the green strength and adhesive performance you need to enjoy rapid, reliable and permanent bonds from your first attempt. After all: why work harder?
  • Rapid Action: We understand that flooring contractors are up against it with tight project deadlines. Indeed, many contractors simply don’t have the time to wait on their adhesive getting to work. Luckily, Gekko G52 offers a fast-drying time (flash-off in 1-2 mins) and an impressive open time of 60 mins. Who knew installing vertical hygienic wall cladding could be such a breeze?
  • High Temperature Resistance: Today’s contractors need a tried, trusted and certified solution that will do its job under pressure. With this in mind, we’ve engineered Gekko G52 to provide a significant temperature resistance of up to 115°C. Perfect for when the going gets hot, this adhesive has your back, no matter the challenge.

Installing that vertical wall cladding doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck. Gekko G52 lets you get the job done faster, easier and more effectively via a revolutionary spray-based canister system. Still using the traditional roller and bucket? It’s time to make the swap to spray!

Easier Vertical Wall Cladding Installation with Gekko G52

Once you’ve got your hands on Gekko G52, you’ll be keen to make a start on your spraying. Before you get stuck in, here’s some top tips from the Gekko team to ensure you get off to the best possible start.

Before you get started on your vertical wall cladding job, check the compatibility of Gekko G52 by spraying a small test patch of the adhesive on the substrate. Once you’re good to go, ensure your surfaces are clean, dry and free from dirt, dust, oil, loose paint, wax or grease, etc.

G52 Canister Application

  • Spray approximately 6” – 10” away at a 90 degree angle to the surface, applying a uniform, even coat of adhesive to obtain 80% to 100% coverage of the surface.
  • Allow flash off time for the adhesive to tack off (1-2 mins).

G52 Aerosol Application

  • Spray approximately 4” – 8″ away at a 90 degree angle to the surface, applying a uniform coat of adhesive to obtain 80-100% coverage of the surface.
  • Adhere surfaces and press together with adequate pressure.
  • Allow 24 hours for the adhesive to fully cure.
  • If the spray tip clogs, unscrew the spray tip from the gun and clean with Gekko G92 or G93 solvent cleaners. Do NOT use a pin on the spray tip.

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