Gekko G56 Contact Adhesive 22 Litre

Gekko G26 Premium DCM Free Carpet Spray22 Litre


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Gekko G56 Premium DCM Free High-Grab Contact Adhesive – 22 Litre Canister


Non Chlorinated High Grab General Purpose Contact Adhesive


Requires spray hose & gun to operate from 22 Litre Canister


2 – 3 mins setting time

Available in 500ml Can (approximately 4sqm coverage), and 22 Litre Canister (up to 200sqm coverage)

• Dichloromethane Free, Non-Chlorinated Formulation

• 15% extra coverage

• Fast drying with a long open time

• High grab, high strength formulation

• Versatile adhesive suitable for use with a variety of substrates

Works with most types of substrate and floor covergings, as well as other general building an DIY surfaces.

For single and double-sided applications. An SBR adhesive. Sprays as web for greater coverage at length, and in concentrate when focused at short jet.

Gekko Flooring Adhesives draws on over 50 years of technical adhesive experience bringing our customers a complete range of sprayable bonding solutions for the floor coverings market.

Expertly engineered self-contained pressurised adhesive systems for bonding floor & wall coverings. Installations include hygienic wall cladding, textile floorcoverings, underlay, PVC flooring profiles, linoleums, rubber floorcoverings, Marmoleum and vinyl floorcoverings.