PALL-X 98 – Matt


Matt Water-based 2-component lacquer for very heavy duty wood flooring
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Matt 5L Premium 2-Component Wood Floor Lacquer 

Water-based 2-component wood floor lacquer with good levelling capacity for very heavy use areas


For very heavy use wood flooring in residential and commercial applications, including industrial locations.

  • sanded wood flooring
  • woodblocks
  • use on wood floors installed over warm water underfloor heating systems

This wood floor lacquer has many benefits, including:

  • high resistance to mechanical and chemical wear
  • very good levelling
  • very fast drying and final strength
  • very good levelling properties
  • extremely high abrasion resistance
  • ÖNorm 2354 Classification C
  • slip resistance R9 in combination with PALL-X GRIP R10
  • EN 71-3 (Child safe coating, p. 3: migration of certain elements)
  • fire protection Cfl-s1 (primer PALL-X 333 COLOR incl. PALL-X 333 C COLOR CONCENTRATE, minimum thickness solid wood 19 mm, density 480 kg/m³, moisture content 9%)
  • corresponds to TRGS 617

*Please refer to manufacturers instructions before using product

Consumption (per coat) approx. 100 ml/m²
Coverage approx. 10 m²/litre
Working climate between 18 – 25 °C and 35 – 65 % relative humidity
Gloss Level Matt

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 200 × 150 × 250 cm